FAQ - Health Pass Tickets


FAQ - Health Pass Ticket



Health Pass Ticket enables vaccinated people to enter events after showing European Covid Certificate- EU Digital Covid Certificate (UCC) or a national vaccine certificate. The following decisions concerning UCC also apply to national vaccine certificates. UCC is issued to people who took required doses of COVID- 19 vaccine. UCC together with a QR code are available for download after logging in Online Patient Account (https://pacjent.gov.pl/) as PDF file ready to be opened and shown on mobile devices as well as printed at vaccination points and doctors' offices having access to (gabinet.gov.pl) application.

European COVID Certificate (UCC) is valid in all EU member countries as well as Iceland, Norway, Switzerland and Liechtenstein. Vaccinated citizens of countries that implemented UCC regulations and holders of UCC issued by proper national institutions are entitled to use the Health Pass Ticket batch.

For every event there are also available tickets from the general batch. They don't require possession of European COVID Certificate.

Remember that each batch, general and Health Pass, is limited. We encourage buying proper tickets so that each individual interested in attending a concert can purchase a ticket in pre-order.



1. Do tickets purchased to date entitle people who don't possess European COVID Certificate to participate in events?

Yes, all tickets purchased to date are valid whether or not owners possess European Covid Certificate. Our limits of people attending concerts will be in accordance with current regulations.


2. Will people who bought a Health Pass Ticket have to remain at events in specially designated areas?

No, the owners of such tickets will be able to freely move around the premises of the event.


3. Do owners of previously purchased tickets from the general batch will have to stay in a separate area?

For this moment, organizers of indoor concerts have to offer participants seats maintaining proper distance. People who don't have UCC, for the safety of all participants, should use these seats. They are not restricted areas but available for all participants.


4. Will Health Pass Tickets be additionally checked?

Apart from checking the validity of the ticket, each person possessing a Health Pass Ticket will be required to show a QR code which will be scanned in order to check whether a particular individual had taken a required dose of Covid 19 vaccine. For this it will be necessary to install mObywatel app for smartphones or tablets and show UCC downloaded from Online Patient Account as PDF file available to be shown on mobile devices or as printed document.


5. Will current negative Covid-19 test results be required or honoured?

Covid- 19 test results will not be required and they will not entitle individuals to enter premises of events with a Health Pass Ticket.


6. Will there be Covid-19 speed tests?

No, the organizer will not be doing any kind of tests aiming at detecting Covid-19.


7. I have bought a ticket from the general batch. Do I have to exchange it for a Health Pass Ticket if I possess UCC?

No, A participant possessing a ticket from the general batch is not required to have UCC. We don't exchange general tickets for Health Pass Tickets. It's a different batch.


8. When buying a Health Pass Ticket do I have to show UCC?

When buying a Health Pass Ticket, every participant has to state that they possess a UCC and confirm they will show it when entering the event. When buying HPT online, it's done by choosing the proper field.


9. The issue date of UCC happens to be after the event I want to attend. Which ticket should I buy?

People who will not possess a UCC before a concert should buy tickets from the general batch.

10.Will the introduction of Health Pass Ticket influence the number of tickets available in the general batch?

No, the number of tickets in the general batch is dependent on current state restrictions.

11. What is UCC and how can I get one?

UCC is a document confirming the intake of required doses of Covid-19 vaccine entitling individuals to travel the country and Europe in times of Covid-19 pandemic. It's available as QR code.

You can get access to UCC (only for Polish citizens and residents):

*As paper document or multimedia with Online Patient Account: 

1. Log in at (https://pacjent.gov.pl/)
2. In the Certificates section click "show"
3. Having entered a subpage (https://pacjent.gov.pl/ikp/certyfikaty) under the "Vaccine Certificate" column choose "Download QR Code"
4.You can download generated QR Code as PDF file and print out or show as multimedia when entering the event 

*As multimedia with mObywatel application: 

1. For smartphone/ tablet download mObywatel via Sklep Play (Android) or App Store (IOS- Apple)
2. Having registered in the app go to Covid-19 Vaccine 
3. Show generated QR "Vaccine certificate" file or European Covid Certificate when entering the event

Remember UCC is valid after 14 days of getting fully vaccinated.

You can find current information about pandemic at (https://www.gov.pl/web/zdrowie)


12. I have recovered from Covid/ I possess a negative Covid-19 test result and so I possess UCC. Can I use the Health Pass Ticket batch?

No. Even though the European Covid Certificate is issued to the recovered as well as negative test results holders- these people are still counted in limits of participants resulting from decisions of the Council of Ministers as regards limits and regulations due to pandemic.

Due to frequent changes in laws regarding limits and guidelines check FAQ and Regulations for prompt updates.